What to expect in your Cryoskin® session!

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure that consists in reducing the thickness of subcutaneous fat by intense cooling. Scientific studies have shown that cooling the subcutaneous tissue to a temperature below 10°C causes a cell death signal (apoptosis) in the adipocytes, without affecting the surrounding cells (skin, nerve, muscle).

This technique does not present any particular risk, provided that it is performed by a physician who knows the indications, contraindications, possible side effects and their treatment.

Since negative temperatures (down to -8°C) are necessary to obtain satisfactory results, it is essential that a doctor take care of you in order to avoid undesirable effects. This procedure, if it is well controlled, is not painful.

During your first appointment, Dr. Fidalgo will give you all the necessary explanations for your choice. He will know how to determine if your request represents a good indication for cryolipolysis and will know how to detect possible contraindications.

The session, which lasts from 30 to 44 minutes depending on the area, will be performed by a State Certified professional, specially trained and experienced in this Cryoskin® technology.

This dynamic Cryoskin® cryolipolysis method particularly indicated for the treatment of localized fatty deposits on the abdomen and love handles, but also on the hips, thighs, inside of the knees, legs, arms, back, double chin.

What to expect in your Cryoskin® session!

To have an optimal and long-lasting result, it is necessary to repeat the sessions 5 or 10 times, at 15 days interval.

The results to be expected are a 20 to 30% reduction in the thickness of the fatty panicle, provided that dietary rules are respected. Indeed, if 20% of the superficial layer of skin fat is destroyed and the remaining 80% continues to hypertrophy, under the effect of a rich diet, the apparent result will be null. However, 20% of the surface has been eliminated.

Doctor Fidalgo

University Diploma in Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition – Paris VII

University Diploma in Child and Adolescent Obesity – Paris VI

Inter-University Diploma in Childhood Obesity, Public Health Approach – UFC

Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Complémentaires de Nutrition – Paris VI

Inter-University Diploma in Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine – Paris Descartes


Member of the Network for the Management and Prevention of Pediatric Obesity (REPOP)

Member of the French Society of Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine (SOFMMAA)

Member of the French Association of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (AFME aa)


Attached practitioner at the Marne-la-Vallée Hospital Center (GHEF)

Consultation « Child and adolescent obesity

Registered with the Conseil de l’Ordre des Médecins under the n° 771054210

Insured in Professional Civil Liability with the Médicale de France

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